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Adam Sandler Not Dead 2013 – Actor Hasn’t Died in Fake Snowboarding Accident

Adam Sandler Not Dead 2013 - Actor Hasn't Died from Snowboarding Accident

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Adam Sandler is not dead 2013. Adam Sandler hasn’t died in a snowboarding accident in Zermatt today. In fact, Sandler isn’t even in Zermatt let alone snowboarding today. The fake celebrity death RIP hoax striking the actor today is a reincarnation of a fabricated story from several years ago. The same fake death story has struck Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy in 2013 as well.

The cause of the Adam Sandler death confusion is Global Associated aka Mediafetcher. For years, Global has been reporting “Adam Sandler Dies in Snowboarding Accident.” Ironically, if you believe Global, Sandler has died every day for three years on the same slopes of Zermatt and on the same snowboard. Global today is angering fans with its resurgence of a three year old Adam Sandler death hoax. The same hoax struck Eddie Murphy this morning.

The tale starts with the same proclamation used in other celebrity death tales by Global, “Adam Sandler is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today”. Global then confuses fans by taking a template and cutting and pasting in a celebrity’s name. It then attempts to assert legitimacy to its story by citing elements of the town. “About Zermatt Ski Resort – While neighboring Gstaad is one of the world’s top resorts with its three five-star hotels and St. Moritz is more popular, most rank Zermatt as Switzerland’s top resort.”

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Global omits, however, that Zermatt is also home to hundreds of its fake death stories. These Global erroneous death tales start with a celebrity, takes a location from around the world, and then inserts some catastrophic tragedy. The story thereafter tries to maintain its relevancy by inserting dynamic elements. Those elements change the date daily, making the story appear real when it is old.

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If Global’s report sounds familiar, it should. It’s been used against countless film celebrities in over the years. Denzel Washington battled the same report in August, David Spade faced it in June 2012, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had it in March 2012.

In March 2011 Sandler was first falsely reported dead from a snowboarding accident in Zermatt. That same month, Jim Carrey suffered the same fake fate. The year before, it was Russell Crowe. The location of the fake death stories (involving snow) are always Zermatt or the mysterious “Kitzbühel, Austria, in the Hahnenkamm mountain between Hahnenkamm (5616 ft., 1712 m) and Kitzbühler Horn (6548 ft., 1996 m)”. The cause of the fake snow death is either skiing or snowboarding.

Adam Sandler is alive, as is Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy.


  1. Jake Light

    March 2, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Adam is just such an awesome man in everysingle fashion!

  2. Awesome dogg

    March 2, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    He really rules!!!

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