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Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend Baby Mama Learns Fiancé Sued in Jail: EXCLUSIVE

Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend Update: Baby Mama's Fiancé Gets Sued in Jail - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Aaron Hernandez girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins has another family surprise. Her ex NFLer fiancé was served in jail on June 28, 2013, LALATE can exclusively report. Two days after Hernandez was arrested, he was served with a new lawsuit. Hernandez now has until July 22, 2013 to respond to that civil lawsuit.

While Shayanna Jenkins is not a party to the case, it follows two recent bail denials for Hernandez. Shayanna Jenkins may also soon learn if Aaron Hernandez’s net worth could be impacted. The Patriots may chose to withhold payments to Hernandez under his guaranteed payment schedule, claiming Hernandez has allegedly violated the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

Alexander Bradley was once Aaron Hernandez’s friend. Like other Aaron Hernandez buddies, Bradley is an en-convict with a prior for distribution. But that friendship is far from over. Bradley served his former friend Aaron Hernandez two days after he was taken into police custody in the Odin Lloyd case, LALATE can reveal.

“Aaron Hernandez [was] served on 6/28/2013″, counsel for Bradley indicates in a new federal court proof of service filing. Hernandez now has “21 day response/answer” deadline to reply to Bradley’s complaint, the court has ruled.

But this is not the first time that Hernandez counsel and Bradley counsel will come face to face. LALATE has also reported that the Odin Lloyd grand jury has issued a subpoena upon Bradley to appear and testify against Hernandez.

So what does Bradley claim to know about Hernandez that could help the grand jury? Bradley asserts that Hernandez is not the upstanding member of society and fiancé of Shayanna Jenkins that Aaron’s attorney unsuccessfully argued to a court last month. Rather Bradley claims that Hernandez carries around allegedly unlicensed firearm and allegedly uses it with no understanding how to operate the weapon.

The million dollar question, however, is whether Bradley knows the make and model of gun that he claims Hernandez shot him in the face with in Miami during 2012. Already, prosecutors claim that they have recovered from Hernandez’s condo and Hummer bullets and the magazine allegedly matching those used against Odin Lloyd.

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Bradley lost an eyeball hanging out with Hernandez. He claims that Hernandez shot out his eyeball on purpose. The allegation could be key to motive in the Odin Lloyd case as well, LALATE can report. Hernandez is accused of killing Odin Lloyd simply because of a dispute. Bradley, moreover, claims Hernandez shot him allegedly simply over a dispute as well. Bradley was not armed at the time.

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Hernandez’s firearm, his alleged failure to license such weapon, his use of a flop house, and an alleged double life from Shayanna Jenkins are all expected to play out both in this civil dispute with Bradley and his criminal case concerning Odin Lloyd. Bradley, moreover, may also indicate why Hernandez befriended so many ex-convicts and those with prior convictions concerning narcotics. Bradley v. Hernandez has be assigned to Judge Kathleen M. Williams in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida.

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Bradley asserts that Hernandez’s “actions in having the gun discharge while aimed at the plaintiff were deliberate and with the intent by defendant to cause harm to plaintiff.” He also claims “Defendant possessed a gun which he was not legally licensed to have”.

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Bradley, additionally, headed to another court case of his own this week. He appeared in court this week for his criminal case. Bradley was arrested on April 5, 2013. He was charged with not one but four criminal counts. They were felony third degree burglary, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, misdemeanor second degree criminal mischief, and misdemeanor third degree assault.

And in other developments, local authorities are preventing Jenkins and Hernandez from getting married as well.

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