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Carcinogen Pepsi Claims by Group Disputed by Beverage Company, FDA

 Carcinogen Pepsi Claims by Group Disputed by Beverage Company, FDA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Carcinogen Pepsi claims by an environmental group are being disputed by the beverage company and by regulators. At issue is the level of carcinogen in Pepsi products, namely a chemical called 4-methylimidazole or 4-Mel.

Pepsi and the FDA tell news that they believe Pepsi’s caramel coloring is safe. The environmental group disagrees. Today the group named “Center for Environmental Health” told news of the findings it commissioned by Eurofins Analystical laboratory of Metairie, La.
EH hired the laboratory to test Mel-4 in beverages from Coke and Pepsi sold in the state of California and outside the state during the month of June 2013.

The group found no problems with Coke products. But it claims that it found Pepsi products to allegedly have 4-Mel levels too high in products sold outside of the California. They claim that the levels of Pepsi products sold outside California was four to eight time higher than recently enacted California safety levels for products to be sold in the state of California.

The FDA tells news that this discussion of “levels” is all misleading. It claims that you would have to consume one thousand cans of Pepsi a day to reach any harmful level. The FDA also tells news that 4-Mel has not been found to be linked to cancer in humans.

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  1. Murray

    July 4, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Pepsi and Coke have been on the offensive to disqualify arguments that sugar in soft drinks is the leading cause of obesity. This claim that sodas are the cause of obesity is a false flag being used to justify imposing Federal government tax on sugar, which is just another of many of the Federal government’s insidious attempts to increase revenue streams for itself. This latest false flag about carcinogens in sodas is vindication for a recent victory the soda industry had when it shot down NYC mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soda sales. That said, Pepsi and Coke should have by now figured out a way to make their sodas as pure as possible, so someone has been sleeping at the respective helms…

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