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Pauly D Not Dead 2013 – Old Fake Car Crash Death Story Resurfaces

Pauly D Not Dead 2013 - Old Fake Car Crash Story Resurfaces death rip

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Pauly D is not dead 2013. A fake Pauly D death story from 2011 that falsely claimed the MTV personality died in a car crash infuriated fans two years ago. That false RIP death report is tonight striking Pauly D once again. He hasn’t been in a car crash and he is very much alive.

In November 2011, fans were left asking if Pauly D was dead. The cause of the confusion was MediaFetcher aka Global Associated which falsely reported that Pauly D has died. Now Mediafetcher this first week of July 2013 has been the source of other fake death reports as well. Jack Black isn’t dead, nor is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan or Adam Sandler. But all these personalities, who battled false death reports starting in 2011, are the victim of fake reports again this 2013.

For reasons not clear, Global’s celebrity death reports “died down” between winter and spring this year. But in recent weeks, they have come back with a vengeance. In 2012, they reached their highest attack, with Global fake death reports sometimes striking multiple celebrities per day. At the time, Lil Wayne was the subject of five different fake death reports simultaneously. The same was true with 50 Cent.

David Guetta Pictures Set 1
David Guetta Photo 1
David Guetta Photo 2
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Today the culprit is Global’s infamous, fake, template-generated “Route 80″ car crash story. The fake Global report reads “Local Team News 9: Pauly D died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell .” There is no such “Team News 9”. And the same fake story has been used against other DJs including Tiesto.

David Guetta Pictures Set 2
David Guetta Photo 5
David Guetta Photo 6
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David Guetta Photo 8

Music celebrities are most often targeted with death stories concerning “Route 80?. In July, David Guetta was fictitiously listed dead in a car crash on Route 80. Then the same thing happened to DJ Tiesto. To no surprise, the same fake death story even exists for Armin Van Buuren. Pauly is alive, so is Miley, Britney, Jackie and Tunechi.

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