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New Jersey Tornado 2013 Today in New Providence Heads to Maplewood

New Jersey Tornado 2013 Today in New Providence Heads to Maplewood

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A New Jersey tornado 2013 in New Providence is now heading for Maplewood. The New Jersey tornado today July 1, 2013 was spotted moments ago. Officials are warning that the tornado is moving very quickly through south Essex this Monday.

In a news statement this morning, the National Weather Service is warning of a New Jersey tornado moving in the region. “At 922 am EDT the National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to indicate a tornado. This tornado was located near New Providence”. NWS is advising residents that the tornado is now heading northeast at 30 mph.

Trackers are warning towns in the tornado’s path to be attentive. The tornado may will arrive in Millburn and Springfield by 930 am, Maplewood by 935 am, and Orange and South Orange by 940 am, officials tell news.

NWS further tell news “a Tornado Warning is issued based on Doppler radar. It means that strong rotation has been detected in the storm.” But they add that the threat is imminent. “A tornado may already be on the ground or is expected to develop shortly. If you are in the path of this dangerous storm move indoors and to the lowest level of the building. Stay away from windows.”

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