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Intel Chandler, AZ Battles Chemical Leak Accident Today 2013

Intel Chandler Battles Chemical Leak Accident Today 2013

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Intel Chandler, Arizona campus is battling a chemical leak accident today. The Intel Chandler leak has left two dozen people injured and six hospitalized Saturday June 29, 2013. As LALATE can report, this is the second major accident to hit the campus in just two years.

Today’s accident concerns a nitrogen gas leak. The leak was under control by 8:15 am PST today. ABC15 reports that six of the twenty-four persons injured are allegedly hospitalized today. The extent of their injuries have yet to be indicated to news. No news statement has been issued by Intel currently.

In June 2011, an Intel Chandler fire injured at least seven persons. That fire started in the campus’s support building dubbed Fab 22. Five persons were transported to a local area hospital at the time. “This was a fire in a support building off of Fab 22 which is under construction,” Intel said in a news statement at the time. “Fab 32, which is adjacent to this, was evacuated as a precaution but there was no impact to production and employees went back in a short while later. An investigation into the cause is continuing,” Intel said. Intel spokesman Bill Calder told news at the time that one of seven persons were seriously injured.

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  1. Catherine Pettersson

    November 5, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Did anyone else come down with cancer who worked at this site? My husband was accidentally sprayed with pesticide while on the job (I know others were also sprayed) and got colon cancer 7 months later. There was no family history and he was 35. Anyone else out there from the job site who was sprayed also had health issues? I know the EPA is investigating.

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