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Mohammed Assaf Wins Arab Idol 2013 Results Tonight

Mohammed Assaf Wins Arab Idol 2013 Results Tonight who won winner  gaza palestine

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won Arab Idol 2013 results tonight, who is the Arab Idol winner 2013, and was Mohammed Assaf named the champion? Arab Idol 2013 results tonight June 22, 2013 named your winner: Mohammed Assaf! Mohammed Assaf won Arab Idol after a stunning finale this evening. Assaf is a 23 year old student and wedding singer. He had impressed judges in recent weeks with his versatility including singing U.S. pop hits from the Backstreet Boys. And tonight he won Arab Idol beating out Ahmed Jamal from Egypt, and Farah Youssef from Syria.

Many thought Mohammed Assaf would be named the Arab Idol 2013 winner after he become a massive hit across much of the Middle East this spring. The 23-year-old native of Libya who had lived in a Gaza refugee camp had become a huge hit across Gaza, the West Bank and much of the region. He was the first Palestinian to qualify for Arab Idol.

“There has been no direct criticism, but we hear that some sheikhs at Friday prayers don’t like this,” his brother, Shadi told the Guardian recently. “There are always some enemies of success.”

President Mahmoud Abbas had urged people to vote for him, calling him the “the pride of the Palestinian and Arab nation.” The Bank of Palestine backed him as well proclaiming “Vote and the Bank of Palestine votes with you”.  His rise from the Gaza’s Khan Younes refugee camp had become a celebration for his followers. One fan on his Facebook page had written “By voting for Assaf, we are voting for Palestine, for us”.

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