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Aaron Hernandez Alleged Arrest Warrant Claims Obstruction of Justice

Aaron Hernandez Arrest Warrant Issued: Obstruction of Justice, Odin Lloyd Case

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Aaron Hernandez is allegedly being arrested. An Aaron Hernandez alleged arrest warrant has been issued. Hernandez will be allegedly be charged with obstruction of justice in the case of Odin Lloyd, local news is reporting. Aaron Hernandez is not being charged in the homicide of Odin Lloyd, however. The matter concerns his alleged conduct at the Hernandez home after the death of Lloyd. The residence is purported shared by the football player, Hernandez’s girlfriend and baby mama Shayanna Jenkins, their child, and his mother. But only Hernandez will be charged.

Aaron Hernandez will be allegedly arrested Friday in connection with the investigation of deceased friend Odin Lloyd, claims local news. Odin Lloyd was dating the sister of Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend at the time of his death. This week, Odin Lloyd texted a friend to inform them that he was en route to a Boston bar in a car allegedly driven by Aaron Hernandez. In the car were two other males. Those males were questioned by police this week as well.

Video footage allegedly shows the four men attending the bar together. Later video footage allegedly at the Aaron Hernandez residence showed three of the men returning home, driven by Hernandez. Lloyd was not among the men.

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As reported earlier, police are expected to claim that Aaron Hernandez allegedly destroyed his home security system intentionally after Lloyd’s death. Aaron Hernandez allegedly hired a cleaning crew to clean his entire residence the day after the homicide. And finally, Hernandez is accused of complying with a search warrant request to turn over his cell phone, only to turn it over to police the phone allegedly smashed into pieces intentionally.

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CBS is reporting “According to that source, an arrest warrant has been issued on a charge of obstruction of justice.” But it adds “The source added that it is possible that charges could eventually be upgraded.” Multiple local news channels are claiming the same. Kathy Curran tweeted moments ago “Sources tell Team5 & ABC news arrest warrant issued for Pat’s Aaron Hernandez”. Pete Wilson of WBZ tweeted “Law enforcement source tells WBZ-AM that police will arrest Aaron Hernandez in connection with the shooting death of a Dorchester man”. And the family of Odin Lloyd is denouncing the silence in the case. Odin’s sister tells Wilson “Whoever knows what happened needs to say something.” UPDATE: As of 8 pm EST Friday, Hernandez has not been arrested.

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