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Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend, Prompts Surveillance Camera Query

Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend, Stays Silent About Surveillance Camera

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend, allegedly lived with the Patriots player the night Odin Lloyd (photos below) died. Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez welcomed a child last year and have been reportedly living in his residence since that time. But tonight, new details are surfacing about an alleged smashed surveillance camera, a cleaning crew, and a smashed cell phone.

Shayanna Jenkins and her sister Shanea Jenkins have yet to appear in public since the case erupted. As reported earlier on LALATE, police allegedly didn’t know Shanea Jenkins’ location until Wednesday, three days after Odin Lloyd’s death. Shayanna Jenkins’s sister Shanea Jenkins was reportedly dating Odin Lloyd at the time of his homicide.

Before his death, Lloyd departed with Hernandez from the Hernandez home; he rode allegedly in a car driven by Hernandez. Allegedly with them were two other males. The four headed to a Boston bar or nightclub. A text by Odin Lloyd en route to the bar to a friend allegedly confirms the four men were travelling together in Hernandez’s car.

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When the evening was over, three of the four men were driven back by Hernandez to his home allegedly by Hernandez, surveillance video purportedly shows. But Odin Lloyd was not with them. He would be killed allegedly sometime after his visit to the bar.

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Kathy Curran is tweeting details about the men en route to the bar. “Sources: Surveillance footage shows Hernandez, Odin Lloyd & 2 other men in rental car linked to Hernandez in hrs leading up to murder”. But what happened after Odin Lloyd’s disappearance? Reporter Ted Daniel tonight tweeted reports that allegedly “surveillance shows Hernandez home at 3:30 am Mon with 2 others. Source says Odin Lloyd was with group earlier in night.”

Today Hernandez when to the Patriots facility. But Scott Isaacs is reporting that Aaron’s visit made no sense. “Patriots PR confirming there were no coaches on site at Gillette today – they aren’t sure why Hernandez was there.” No suspects have been named in the case. The Jenkins sisters and Hernandez are not suspects.

But tonight, ABC is now reporting that police are seeking to execute a second warrant on the home that she shares with Hernandez. The warrant will claim that Hernandez allegedly “destroyed his home security system” … “intentionally.” There is the cleaning crew. ABC is also reporting that on Monday Hernandez allegedly hired a cleaning crew to “scrub” his home. Finally, sources are telling news that Hernandez turned over a cellphone to investigators via his attorneys but that the phone was allegedly “in pieces”.  For continuing coverage, click HERE.

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