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North Dakota Tornado 2013 Warning Today Prompts Leal Concerns

North Dakota Tornado 2013 Warning Today Prompts Leal Concerns

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A North Dakota tornado 2013 warning today is prompting concerns for Leal. A storm possible of producing a tornado tonight June 20, 2013 prompted an alert moments ago from the National Weather Service.

NWS tells news that the system is currently in rotation. The National Weather Service in Grand Forks is advising news that a storm moving though the area has been picked up on radar, and its movement is “indicated rotation” underway. Officials as a result have issued a tornado warning for northwestern Barnes County in southeast North Dakota until 645 PM CDT.

The system was spotted moments ago near Leal. In a news statement, the NWS is advising residents that at “5:55 PM CDT a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located 6 miles southwest of Leal”. Officials are warning that the system is moving at a brisk pace, namely east at
20 mph tonight.

Among the possible hazards tonight is a tornado. Officials are warning news and local that the storm will arrive at Leal and Sanborn around 610 PM CDT. Ten minute later it will be at Rogers followed by Bald Hill dam five minutes after that. The last point of concern is Sibley around 645 PM CDT, reps also tell news. For this and other tornado developments click HERE.

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