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The Bachelorette Winner 2013: Who Wins Bachelorette Desiree Pick?

The Bachelorette Winner 2013: Who Wins Bachelorette Desiree Pick Bachelorette  spoilers Brooks Forester win

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins The Bachelorette 2013, who is The Bachelorette 2013 winner, and who does Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock pick? Tonight, spoilers claims that purported Bachelorette 2013 winner Brooks Forester survives yet another round. But if news analysts are correct, fans have not been particular excited about any news concerning Brooks Forester this season. But why is that?

If Bachelorette 2013 spoilers are correct, Brooks Forester is not just the winner this season but also a frontrunner all season long. Tonight, the purported Bachelorette 2013 winner joins the men at the Mr. America competition at the Revel Hotel.’s Bachelorette spoilers have asserted that Brooks wins this season, but doesn’t win the Mr. America competition tonight. “Brooks: He played the ukulele to a song he made up. At the end of the song, he smashed his ukulele on the ground”, Steve tell news.

Who wins Mr. America on the Bachelorette tonight? RealitySteve’s Bachelorette spoilers assert that Kasey wins Mr. America tonight. “He did a tap dancing act. Didn’t take it too seriously since he didn’t know how, but it was apparently fairly entertaining. Must’ve been since he won it”, Steve tells news.

But apparently, despite how lackluster Brooks’ performance is during tonight’s Mr. America competition, he apparently still interests the Bachelorette. She gives Brooks and his lackluster ukulele a third pace finish. “Kasey won the ‘pageant,’ Zak W. finished 2nd, with Brooks finishing in 3rd”, Steve reports. The evening ends tonight with James Case getting a one-on-one date. He gets the rose.

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Tonight’s episode, however, starts with thirteen men but is cut down to eleven. So what happens in Atlantic City? Steve tell news that Brad McKinzie gets the first one-on-one date. Steve says that the Brad’s elimination is no surprise. “Because producers already know whether the lead is giving that person a rose or not, since the lead has already told them. Brad was given this 1-on-1 date in NJ because Desiree knew she was sending him home.”

Who else is sent home tonight? Zack Kalter is purportedly eliminated. During the Mr. America competition “He roller skated on stage”, Steve tells news.

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Overall, it remains unclear if and how this season will ever pick up. It is very evident from the lack of viewer comments and falling TV ratings that this season is not resonating well with viewers. Typically the Bachelorette ratings are lower than those for the Bachelor. But this season is definitely struggling. The show last week posted 5.6 million viewers. Those numbers are the worse for the franchise in many years.

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Desiree is not prompting much reaction from viewers at all. In previous seasons of both franchises, certain cast members have consistently gotten viewers debating the program and its star. This season that hasn’t been the case. In the end, however, Desiree picks Brooks Forester, the two get engaged. And according to spoilers, Desiree and Brooks are still engaged and very much in love.

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