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Congo vs. Cameroon 2013 Battles in CAF Today

en vivo live score results today Congo vs. Cameroon 2013 Battles in CAF Today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Congo vs. Cameroon 2013 (live score results below) prompts a World Cup qualifier today. The two teams, however, are coming off recent lackluster results. But can either of them pick up a win today?

Currently, Congo vs. Cameroon 2013 is at a 0-0 score with fifty minutes having passed. The CAF World Cup qualifier features two teams that have struggled to win in recent matches. Congo has five draws in their last five matches. And Cameroon has three loses, one draw and one win.

Congo recently drawed its qualifier against Libya earlier this month, officials remind news. It did the same in the same showdown between the two teams back in March as well. In ACO games, the team produced three consecutive draws in January as well, against Niger, Ghana and Mali. After today’s game, Congo will face Togo in a qualifier this September.

Cameroon, in turn, has been struggling as well. While Congo has no wins this year so far, Cameroon has only one. That was its qualifier against Togo backing March. In a rematch days ago, Cameroon was beat by Togo. After today’s game, Cameroon will return for more qualifiers this fall. In September it will face Libya. For live score results today click HERE.

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