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Brazil vs. Japan 2013: Neymar Scores Early in Confederations Cup

Brazil vs. Japan 2013: Neymar Scores Early in Confederations Cup en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Brazil vs. Japan 2013 (en vivo live score results below) started with a goal early by Neymar today. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 kicked off to an exciting Saturday beginning after Neymar scored for Brazil only three minutes into the match.

Brazil vs. Japan 2013 remains at a 1-0 score now at forty-three minutes, officials tell news. After an assist by Fred, Neymar delivered a stunning goal at three minutes in the first half today, officials tell news.

But Japan is coming off of lackluster results in recent weeks. The team has two losses, one draw and two wins in their last five games. Brazil, however, has been undefeated for weeks. Brazil has two wins, three draws and no losses in its last five showdowns. After today, Brazil will next face Mexico and then Italy in Confederations Cup games this month. Then they will battle the Swiss and Portugal in friendly matches through this fall, reps tell news.

Brazil recently beat France and Bolivia. But it surprised news with draws against Russia, Chile and England. Japan, however, is coming off of improved results in recent games. Back in March, Japan disappointed fans with a loss in a World Cup qualifier to Jordan. But in June, they beat Iraq and drawed against Australia in qualifiers. For live score results today click HERE.

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