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Colorado Springs Fire Map 2013: Wildfires Burn 100 Homes

Colorado Springs Fire Map 2013: Colorado  Wildfires map 2013 Burn 100 Homes

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Colorado Springs Fire Map 2013 prompted greater concerns today for the Colorado wildfires. Officials now tell news in their latest update today June 12, 2013 that as many as one hundred homes have been lost in these Colorado wildfires near Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs Fire Map was updated by officials this morning as news that the fire has spread to eight thousand acres. Officials have no details as to when any improvement on the fire lines will be reached. But they are keeping more than seven thousand three hundred people on evacuation today.

Yesterday, in releasing their first Colorado Springs Fire Map, reps said that the fire may have taken forty homes. After damage assessment was concluded this morning, officials confirmed that the blaze northeast of Colorado Springs has now taken eighty to one hundred homes. The fire is still at zero percent containment.

But officials are warning that those are numbers were obtained last night. Today the fire is spreading quickly in what officials call a “heavily timbered area”. It spans nearly 2700 homes and more than forty-eight square miles.

Officials are worried about tonight. The Colorado Springs Fire did not advance last night. But today the fire is very active. El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa told news today “It was a very, very hot fire at 5 a.m. this morning.” Maketa says that the fire is not under control and “far from” reaching any status like that.

Today, mandatory evacuation area are still in place. The zone is bordered on the west by Tahosa Lane/Pergrine Way, south by Burgess Road/Rex Road, east by Eastonville Road and north by Hodgen Road.

Officials also tell news that they are concern that some people did not follow evacuation orders and may have died. Reps indicate to news that they have yet to confirm any injuries. But officials appear to imply some suggestions of fatalities. “We had people that refused to leave. We had people walking out at 2 – 2:30 a.m. after the fire had blown through,” Maketa said. As the DenverChannel notes, Maketa has indication that some people did stay home. In a news statement, Maketa added “I know we have people who stayed in there and I have concerns that we could be facing a tragedy that involves people. Let’s hope it’s not the case.”

One name being mentioned today is the Waldo Canyon Fire. Maketa tells news that the Colorado Spring Fire has the potential of growing as big as the Waldo Fire from last June which took three hundred homes in Colorado Springs.The latest fire map is below. For continuing coverage of this and the other Colorado wildfires click HERE.

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