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Black Forest Fire Map 2013 Grows Mandatory Evacuation Area Map

Black Forest Fire Map 2013 Grows Mandatory Evacuation Area Map

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Black Forest Fire Map 2013 was updated moments ago with a new Black Forest Fire Mandatory Evacuation Zone Map. The Black Forest Fire map remained in place overnight. But officials in their latest news update are now enlarging the Black Forest mandatory evacuation area zone for Colorado Springs neighboring residents. The news announcement today June 12 surprised many. Officials admit that the fire did not make any substantial advances overnight. But they are concerned it could do so this evening.

The below map shows the latest mandatory evacuation zone. On the west, it is set at Highway 83. On the south, it cuts from Shoup Road to Burgess Road, to then Ayer Road. On the east, the mandatory evacuation zone spans Eastonville Road. But on the north, it cuts from Hodgen Road, and then moves north to Walker Road. The entire current evacuation zone is depicted in pink/red color on map below.

Officials confirm to news that the latest evacuation zone was widened on the north and the west. The northern leg at Walker Road and western leg Highway 83 are new and were announced to news moments ago. The southern leg at Burgess Road/Rex Road and eastern flank at Eastonville Road remain in place since last night. Officials now indicate that the entire evacuation zone is more than forty-eight square miles.

Meantime, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa told news earlier today that the fire is very unpredictable still. In a news statement obtained by the Denver Channel, Maketa said “The fire originally began to move somewhat to the north, up toward the Cathedral Pines, and that’s about the time the winds kicked in and it started really flowing northeast and then turned to south and southeast.” He also adds “It’s kind of our beginning point and I think we can say that through the center of that is the where we saw ‘concentrated destruction'”. The latest fire map is below. For continuing coverage of this and the other Colorado wildfires click HERE.

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