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Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map Heads to Elbert, Northgate

Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map Heads to Elbert, Northgate colorado springs fire

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map 2013 latest news update tonight added two new sections: a mandatory evacuation zone for Elbert County and a voluntary evacuation Area A zone for Colorado Springs. Officials tell news that the Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map grew in the north and west tonight. In a news briefing, officials are now concerned about Elbert County. Plus, there is a new “Voluntary evacuation Area A for Colorado Springs” which is different than the “Pre-Evacuation Zone” issued to news last night.

The Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map took a dramatically difference appearance after a 5 pm news conference tonight June 12, 2013. As reported this morning on LALATE, the map remained unchanged this morning. But during a midday news conference, officials extended the map slightly in the north and slightly in the west, while keeping its southern and easterly lines unchanged.

The map, originally denoted by the red / pink zone in the middle (zone 1), however, suddenly took a dramatically difference appearance tonight. Now, the Black Forest Fire Evacuation Map had added a massive section in the north, called the Elbert County mandatory evacuation zone (zone 2).

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office now tell news that it has issued mandatory evacuations orders in zone 2 encompassing the southern part of the county, south from County Line 106 and West of North Elbert Road.

Zone 2, like the first zone, keep 83 as its westerly leg. This second zone extends further east, officials tell news, to Elbert Road. On the south, the second zone holds the front line of County Line Road. In the north, it keeps a front line north of Steele and Gillian.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa told news tonight that the fire’s size remains in doubt. While it is being reported by news as only 8500 acres, he guesses that the fire might have reached 12,000 acres. The number of evacuees is close to ten thousand residents, more than three thousand homes. Earlier today, Maketa complained about a lack of resources. He still only has les than five hundred firefighters from 28 local fire districts.

Second, officials are adding another zone tonight. This is different than the original Pre-Evacuation Zone. For tonight June 13, 2013, there is a new “Voluntary Evacuation Area A for Colorado Springs”. Where is this zone? This zone is marked below with the pale yellow area right on 87. It is primarily Northgate, north of Briargate, and south of Gleneagle. Fire officials now tell news that they are worried about the Black Forest Fire moving to the west. “A Voluntary Evacuation means that the fire is moving closer to you. A mandatory evacuation order may be issued at any time.”The latest fire map is below. For continuing coverage of this and the other Colorado wildfires click HERE.

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