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Kenya Moore: “Eviction” Story Fabricated To Slander – EXCLUSIVE

Kenya Moore: Eviction Story Fabricated To Slander  - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Kenya Moore “eviction” story was allegedly fabricated by her landlord to slander her in the news media, Moore asserts in a counterclaim answer obtained exclusively by LALATE tonight. Kenya Moore’s answer asserts that her former landlord not only allegedly sought out news outlets to fabricate a story about the RHOA member but even allegedly contacted Moore’s employers.

“On or about May 7, 2013, plaintiff contacted Defendant’s employers by email claiming the Defendant was delinquent with her financial obligations under the Lease”, Moore’s answer claims. Bravo is not mentioned by name. But why did a landlord allegedly even contact Kenya’s employers? The “conduct was for the purpose of defamation, harassment and intimation”, Kenya’s answer asserts.

Earlier this month, a single notable news outlet ran the “exclusive” on the Kenya Moore lawsuit. In their “exclusive”, the website included statements from sources close to the landlord. Now Moore claims that “upon information and belief, plaintiff sought to sell this fictitious story regarding the imagery Lease conflict she created with Defendant to several media outlets and could not do so until an eviction complaint was actually filed.”

So what did the landlord allegedly not like about Kenya? Moore admits that her landlord didn’t like her taste in curtains. But Kenya says that is her right under the lease to choose her curtains as she so pleases. She asserts that the landlord was making “threatening contact with Defendant making complaints about cosmetic changes of curtains and paint that Defendant was well within her right as the tenant”.

Documents obtained by LALATE also indicate that Moore had to send a letter to the landlord prior to the suit being filed. That letter states “Furthermore, you have contacted Ms. Moore’s employers regarding the lease issue. Clearly you did so with the intent to bully, embarrass and harass Ms. Moore.”

Moore has filed a 27 page countersuit asking for among other things as costs of suit, and punitive damages. Also sued this month in a separate dispute was Vicki Gunvalson of RHOC.

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