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John Zawahri Santa Monica Rampage Shooter Suspect Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

John Zawahri Santa Monica Rampage Shooter Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – John Zawahri aka John Samir Zawahri (photos below) is allegedly the Santa Monica rampage shooter. John Zawahri allegedly killed his brother Christopher Zawahri, aka Christopher Samir Zawahri, and his father Samir Zawahri at the residence of
2036 Yorkshire Avenue in Santa Monica. But his mother Randa Abdou , formerly Randa Zawahri, was the petitioner in a TRO against his father previously, LALATE reported exclusively today. While no Facebook nor Twitter account for John Zawahri has yet to be revealed to news, at least one other social media account, while empty, purportedly does exist online.

Earlier today, LALATE exclusively reported that John Zawahri allegedly shot dead his father inside the house that he grew up in. The residence at 2036 Yorkshire Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404 was currently owned by Samir Zawahri. But in a deed transaction in 2003 uncovered by LALATE, the alleged shooter’s mother Randa Zawahri purportedly transferred partial or full ownership of the family home to his father Samir Zawahri. Witnesses claim that the parents had recently divorced. It remains unknown if that transfer was the subject of divorce settlements.

John Zawahri Case Pictures Set 1
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LALATE previously reported exclusively that on May 1, 1998, while the family still lived together, Randa Abdou filed a TRO/Domestic Violence petition against her then husband Samir Zawahri. Additionally, moments ago, place told news that the Santa Monica mass shooter was previously a student at Santa Monica College.

John Zawahri Case Pictures Set 2
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The confusion about the shooter’s name erupted on Friday. A neighbor told local news the name might be “Christopher”. That was in fact false.

Local law enforcement have now confirmed Saturday that the suspect’s birthday would have been today. Christopher Samir Zawahri was purportedly born 8/6/1987. John Samir Zawahri, however, was purporteldy born 06/08/1989. Police also tell news that the suspect would have been 24 years old Saturday.

John Zawahri SMC Photos Set 1
SMC Photo 1
SMC Photo 2
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Police also tell news that they had contact with the suspect in 2006. They indicate that the case cannot be revealed because the suspect was a juvenile at the time. For continuing coverage click HERE.

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