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Latvia vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013 Battles in Qualifier Friday

Latvia vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013 Battles in Qualifier	 en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Latvia vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013 (live score results) battles in a soccer World Cup qualifier today. But Bosnia-Herzegovina has one of the best records of the UEFA in qualifiers this year, while Latvia has one of the worse.

Latvia vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013 (start time 9:30 am PST) features two teams heading back into UEFA battle today. The game is part of the Group stage of the Group G table in the UEFA. Only the top two teams will advance to the next round, officials remind news.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, however, is ranked first currently. The team has shocked news with its impressive four wins, one draw and no losses. That has resulted in thirteen points. Latvia however has struggled. It is in fifth place with just four points. That is because of Latvia’s one win, one draw and three losses, reps tell news.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has won four of its last five games overall, officials tell news. Latvia, however, has only won one of its last five games while giving up two draws and two losses.

Bosnia-Herzegovina hasn’t had a qualifier since March. In that match, the team beat Greece. And its previous qualifier was also a win, that time against Lithuania last October. In fact, Bosnia-Herzegovina has yet to be defeated this year.

After today’s game, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a friendly against the USA in August. Then in September Bosnia-Herzegovina will return for two more qualifiers, facing Slovakia in both of them. For live score results today click HERE.

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