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Kim Kimble LA Hair Season 2 Debuts with New Faces: EXCLUSIVE

Kim Kimble LA Hair Season 2 Debuts with New Faces: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kim Kimble’s LA Hair Season 2 debuts on WETV Thursday night. And Kim is excited for the new season, despite the drama that unfolds right from the first episode.

“Make sure you tune in”, she tweeted to a fan moments ago. In the series premiere, there are new faces and new roles at play in the salon. But what happens between Kim and Angela, does Angela get fired, and does Naja and her nail crew finally get their work station? WETV says of Thursday’s episode “It’s the Season 2 premiere. A New Store, New Management and a couple of new faces. Kim really has some fine tuning to do before her new salon can really get into motion.”

In the series premiere, Kim Kimble debuts her new stunning West Hollywood, CA location. During a staff meeting minus Angela, Kim says “you know, I open my new location. And as far anybody you don’t see here, the jury is out of [with Angela].”

Quickly into the episode, Kim debuts a staff change. Her sister Leah is her new manager. “I want to introduce you to my sister, as the my new manager.” But is Leah ready for Naja, her nail crew and her invoicing practice? “I will be invoicing for the days I can’t work”, Naja fumes at Leah.

Naja makes an appearance with a notable support. “This is my nail crew!” Leah is left unprepared. “Unfortunately I was not aware that you are coming into today.”

Naja has an idea. “Well I can just cancel that client and invoice for the client that I missed.” Leah is a bit shocked. “You can’t invoice for not performing your job. Oh my god, this is not your salon. Your name is not outside the salon. Who do you think you are?”

Kim is left surprised as well. Leah tries to talk to Kim but turns to Naja and says “Excuse me, I am having a conversion with Kim right now. You don’t tell me where to have the conversation to go. If you aren’t fond of me, you are free not to work here.”

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  1. TOP

    June 6, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    I hope Kim and that guy work out. He is KA-YUTE and she deserves to be happy :-).

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