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North Dakota Tornado 2013 Warning Today Issued for Walsh

North Dakota Tornado 2013 Warning Today Issued for Walsh

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A North Dakota tornado 2013 warning today has been issued for Walsh. The North Dakota tornado warning today May 31, 2013 was announced to news by the National Weather Service moments ago covering Eastern Walsh County.

NWS tells news that no North Dakota tornado has been spotted. Rather a severe thunderstorm has been spotted. That storm is capable of producing a tornado. ¬†Officials advised residents that the system was spotted at “150 PM CDT” today and was “located near Oakwood.” They are also advising news that the system is now “moving to the west at 10 mph”.

Additionally troubling is new data from local trained spotters. They confirm a funnel cloud spotted this afternoon. As a result, the National Weather Service in Grand Forks has issued a tornado warning for east central Walsh County in northeast North Dakota until 245 PM CDT.

This marks the first tornado warning of the day. Meantime, the National Weather Service is telling news “Please do not leave work or school this afternoon without checking the weather, Dangerous storms peak 4pm to 8pm.” They add “Even if we don’t see a single tornado, these will be dangerous storms with damaging hail.¬† You do not want to be on the road.” For continuing coverage of tornado activity today, click HERE.

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