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Mexico vs. Nigeria 2013 Today Prompts International Soccer Friendly

Mexico vs. Nigeria 2013 Today Prompts Soccer Friendly Today en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Mexico vs. Nigeria 2013 today (en vivo live score results below) delivers an international friendly futbol game from Houston. Both teams head to Reliant Stadium for their last soccer friendly game before their critical Copa Mundial qualifiers in June. But Mexico is in trouble, having drawed both of its qualifiers in March. In fact, Mexico has drawed five of its last five games.

Mexico vs. Nigeria 2013 (start time 6 pm PST) will give Team Mexico its last chance to improve its offense before heading into qualifiers. Mexico has not been able to score more than three goals in five games. Mexico’s numbers across the board have been shocking news since January.

Mexico has drawed all five games since January. They have ended three of those games in scoreless draws. But their inability to pick up more than three goals in just five months of games has left questions about the team’s troubles.

Nigeria however has been nearly unstoppable, officials remind news. Since January, Nigeria has won four of its five matches. The team is coming off a one goal draw against Kenya. But before that, the team won four consecutive games, scoring eight goals during that period.

After today’s match, Mexico faces Jamaica, Panama and Costa Rica next month in qualifiers, officials remind news. Nigeria, in contrast, will have only two qualifiers next month, facing Kenya and Namibia. For live score results today click HERE.

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