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Kansas, Nebraska Tornado 2013 Watch Today Issued For Counties

Kansas, Nebraska Tornado 2013 Watch Today Issued For Sections

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Kansas tornado watch and Nebraska tornado watch today 2013 was issued moments ago by the National Weather Service. The latest tornado watch covers the western section of Kansas and parts of Nebraska, the Weather Channel and the NWS confirm to news. The watch is in place until 10 pm CDT today as well. Earlier today, the TWC also told news that Oklahoma and Texas she remain attentive for possible alerts today as well.

The NWS reminds news today that its latest alert is a tornado watch, not a tornado warning. No tornado has yet been spotted in the area. Rather, they remind news that a “watch” is signaled when there are “conditions … favorable for tornadoes an sever thunderstorms in and close to the watch area”.

NWS reports that the current tornado watch covers only northwest Kansas, along with western and central Nebraska. No other sections of the state are currently on watch. They are anticipating strong winds to top 70 mph gusts possibly today. Severe large hail could occur as well.

The watch spans from Hill City Kansas to Broken Bow, Nebraska, officials remind news. For the latest tornado developments today, click HERE. Earlier today TWC tweeted news “Tornado watch until 10pm CDT for western half of KS, western half of OK, parts of TX Panhandle & NW Texas.”

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