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New Jersey Housewives Salary 2012: Cast Still Dwarfed by Atlanta Housewives

New Jersey Housewives Salary 2012: Cast Still Dwarfed by Atlanta Housewives

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The New Jersey Housewives salary 2012 levels are still dwarfed by Atlanta Housewives 2013 salaries from Bravo, LALATE can report. But how much are the New Jersey Housewives paid, is the New Jersey Housewives salary 2012 far less than Atlanta Housewives 2012 salary, and is Teresa Giudice still the second highest paid Bravo housewife?

LALATE has detailed housewives salaries over the last three years. But back in 2010, the sources of such news reports were limited. Among the limited sources back then were an exiting Jill Zarin from New York. Another source was a insider tied to the Atlanta Housewives. But since 2010, not much has changed. Bravo personalities rarely if ever divulge the amount of their salaries. The rare recent exception was Brandi Glanville who broke with Bravo protocol and revealed that Beverly Hills Housewives salaries 2012 were far less than people envisioned.

In 2011, Jill Zarin told news that New York Housewives salaries in season four were paid as much as they were paid in three first three season combined. “The first, second and third season salary pretty much added up to the fourth season. I worked really hard.” Zarin said by season four Bravo dramatically increased salaries across all franchises. “They’re getting a lot of money now, so that’s another thing.”

In October 2011, LALATE reported that Zarin and Ramona Signer were earning $500,000 per season, the highest takers on the show at the time.

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How much were the Atlanta Housewives salaries 2012? A recent series of reports wrongly claim that NeNe Leakes just now got one million per season. LALATE can report that such details are false. Rather, NeNe Leakes has gotten that salary since at least 2011, and perhaps the year earlier. In 2011, Kim Zolciak got seven hundred fifty thousand dollars plus a two hundred fifty thousand dollar bonus for the reunion. Rounding out the cast for season-only salaries were Sheree ($700,000), Kandi ($550,000), and Phaedra and Cynthia ($375,000). Those salaries are believed to have increased at least twenty-five percent for everyone but Nene in the 2012 season.

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And what are the New Jersey Housewives salaries 2012? In 2011, Teresa Giudice was paid $650,000 for the principal season. Caroline Manzo was earning $400,000, Melissa Gorga $350,000 and Jacqueline Laurita $275,000. But those numbers only concern the principle season for 2011, not the reunion. In the case of Leakes, she was paid since 2011 upwards of a quarter million dollars for the reunion show alone. Hence, Teresa is believed to have made that same check two years ago on top of her base salary, bringing her take to $900,000 per year. That puts Teresa still less than NeNe but now the second highest housewife across the franchise. But what happened this year? Insiders believe that all cast members saw a ten to twenty percent salary increase for 2012 compared to their 2011 numbers.

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