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Quadriyyah Webb, Quad Webb-Lunceford Mugshot Reveals Bravo Twist: EXCLUSIVE

Quadriyyah Webb, Quad Webb-Lunceford Mugshot Reveals Bravo Twist: EXCLUSIVE Quadriyah Quadria married to medicine

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Quadriyyah Webb aka Quad Webb-Lunceford mugshot photo dominated the Married to Medicine finale this week. Fans were left guessing what if “Quadria” or “Quadriyah Webb” was found on by Toya in the finale. Rather, LALATE can exclusively report that that, not only does Quadriyyah Monique Webb from Married to Medicine have a mugshot, but also that Webb was held in custody for three days and released after she posted a ten thousand dollar bond. Moreover, LALATE can also reveal Quadriyyah Webb’s arrest was not just for assault but actually aggravated assault domestic violence. She was charged under Georgia Code 16-5-21. Convictions under that statute carry up to a twenty-year prison term . But finally, was Quad telling the truth that Toya had a DUI hit and run drunk driving arrest in 2012 in Atlanta? LALATE can report Quad’s claim was completely false.

Quadriyyah Webb’s arrest prompts more questions, not about Quad Webb-Lunceford, but about Bravo’s filming. Throughout this season of Married to Medicine, cast members have claimed that the show has been very selective about editing. But for the Quadriyyah Webb mugshot, was the omission about the mugshot until the finale the result of Bravo or Quad’s doing?

Earlier in the season, Quad revealed to viewers that her husband Gregory Lunceford has a mugshot. But LALATE can report that Quadriyyah Webb’s mugshot was from the same case, and that she was photographed just twenty-four hours before Gregory.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 1
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Quadriyyah Webb was taken into custody hours before then boyfriend Gregory was arrested. She was arrested and charged on February 24, 2011 for aggravated assault DV. The next day, Gregory was arrested for two charges: aggravated assault and obstruction an officer (felony).

While Toya states in the finale that Quad was arrested for aggravated assault, Quadriyah Webb was actually arrested for “aggravated assault domestic violence”. Conviction on the crime of aggravated assault carry a 20 year prison term (Georgia Code 16-5-21). Quad was released on ten thousand dollars bond after being held in custody for three days, LALATE can report. Gregory was released the same day but only on five thousand dollars bond.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 2
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Meantime, as also exclusively reported on LALATE, Quad’s claim that Toya has an arrest in Atlanta for DUI in 2012 is simply not true. Quad during the 2012 filming of the Married to Medicine finale asserted that Toya has a drunk driving hit and run arrest. Records obtained by LALATE reveal no prior citation for Toya before 2013. But there is a citation in February this year, LALATE reported HERE.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 3
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So was Kari Wells so shocked about Quad’s arrest, or was Kari just playing that up for the cameras too? Kari tells news “For the entire season I have endured the wrath of Mariah and her family. I cannot help but wonder what the it could have been like for me had I always agreed with her ways, no matter what, as Quad did. I know that Quad was concerned that Mariah considers herself connector of the ladies, as she brought us together, and so Quad worries that speaking out against Mariah will have a negative impact on her. Quad often remarked in her blogs not to ;cut off the hand that feeds you.’ I have to say that I strongly disagree.”

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