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Sarah McClay, Zoo Worker Mauled by Tiger, Dies

  Sarah McClay, Zoo Worker Mauled by Tiger, Dies

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Sarah McClay, the zoo worker mauled by a tiger yesterday, has died. Sarah McClay died from the Sumatran tiger attack she suffered Friday while at work at the South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Cumbria, officials confirm to news today. Funeral arrangements have not been announced to local news.

Few details about Sarah McClay attack inside the South Lakes Wild Animal Park had yet to be released. On Friday, Cumbria Police told news that the 24 year old was at work during the attack. Sarah McClay was inside a den housing the sole tiger. For reasons still unclear, the tiger attacked Sarah inside its enclosure. The 24 year suffered serious injuries during the attack reported then by LALATE shortly after 9 am PST Friday.

Immediately officers were able to separate the tiger from Sarah McClay. She was rushed to Preston Royal Infirmary, while the tiger was move into a separate enclosure for testing. No other victims were injured in the attack.

Now in a news statement Saturday morning, officials with the South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Cumbria confirm that Sarah has died. The cause of the attack remains unclear. But the park’s owner David Gill is appearing to suggest that Sarah was allegedly at fault. He tells BBC told that, while she worked several years at the Park, she was allegedly very knowledgeable and “very proficient” as to how to handle the tiger. He claims those duties allegedly precluded her from entering the tiger’s enclosure. He does not know why she entered the enclosure.

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