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Bar Served Rubbing Alcohol, & New Jersey TGI Fridays Cheating

Bar Served Rubbing Alcohol, & New Jersey TGI Fridays Cheating

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A bar served rubbing alcohol and food dye as scotch in New Jersey. But which bar served the rubbing alcohol in Jersey? State officials were proud to announce the findings of their state wide investigation today. But they failed to advise consumers which New Jersey bars and restaurants are cheating local customers.

Imagine going into a popular New Jersey bar and ordering a scotch. State officials tell news that two things could have happened to you at twenty-nine establishments. First, you might have ordered a premium scotch, and were delivering given cheap scotch. Or second, you might have ordered a premium scotch, and were given rubbing alcohol featuring food dye.

What is going on in New Jersey? That is exactly what “Operation Swill 2013″ wanted to know. It sent out investigators across the state to place orders at popular bars and restaurants. And they found one common occurrence at twenty-nine business. Owners were taking a bottle of premium alcohol, emptying it, and pouring in that cheap stuff you didn’t order, didn’t want, and probably might have made you sick.

In fact, they found the practice pervasive. The tell news that New Jersey businesses were not “watering down” your drink by diluting the bottles. Rather, they were swapping premium for non-premium. Among them were several TGI Fridays businesses.

And what happened in New Jersey regarding rubbing alcohol? One bar, not a TGI Fridays, didn’t even want to spend the money on giving you non-premium for your premium purchases. So they created fake drinks.

Police tell news that the business took food dye, added in rubbing alcohol, and served it up in bottles of brand name scotch. Officials assure news that no patrosn got sick. But critics are debating that evidence. At no time did officials release to consumers the name of the business to ask if some “rubbing alcohol” patrons had gotten sick.

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