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Kim Zolciak Co-Composer Disputes “Tardy for the Party” Credit: EXCLUSIVE

Kim Zolciak Co-Composer Disputes Her Tardy for the Party Credit: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What exactly did Kim Zolciak compose for “Tardy for the Party”? Kim Zolciak’s is a credited co-composer on “Tardy for the Party”. But another co-composer on the song claims that Zolciak allegedly didn’t compose anything for the single. In an exclusive interview with LALATE, the song’s producer and co-composer/songwriter Blade aka The Anomaly tells LALATE that he doesn’t believe Kim Zolciak composed anything for “Tardy for the Party”, even though she ended up getting a credit for the song with ASCAP.

Music royalties are handled in the U.S. by ASCAP and BMI. Recently, LALATE spoke with Blade (real name Brandon Bowles) about the ASCAP listing for “Tardy for the Party”. LALATE asked “On the ASCAP listing for the song, it shows four songwriters/composers: Kim, Kandi [Burruss], Don Vito, and [you] Brandon Bowles. Explain why there were four composers on the song, and who did what?”

Blade tells LALATE exclusively “Well of course Kandi wrote the lyrics. I made the music. Don Vito was friends with Kandi and he and I had a working relationship at that time so he was somewhat of a middle man for the whole thing. To be honest, I’m not really sure what Kim [Zolciak] contributed as a composer/songwriter, if anything at all, but things work out that way sometimes. I know she definitely didn’t compose anything because that was what I brought to the table.” For more on how Blade composed the song, click HERE.

And while Blade disputes Kim’s composing credit, he also answered questions about Kim’s voice. LALATE asked Blade how much Kim’s vocals were enhanced. “Were Kim’s vocals enhanced, and if so, in which way?” He reveals “I don’t really think it’s any secret that there was some Auto-Tune going on there. … I mean, anyone who’s even remotely familiar with that signature Auto-Tune sound can hear it in the song. Even some of the best vocalists out there use it though.”

Blade appeared in the second season of RHOA working with Kandi Burruss on “Tardy for the Party”. He currently wrote and produced ten songs for this season of the “Kandi Factory”.

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