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Quadriyyah Webb, Quad Webb Mugshot Battles Married to Medicine: EXCLUSIVE

Quadriyyah webb mugshot photo quadd Quadriyyah Monique webb police report married to medicine

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Quadriyyah Webb aka Quad Webb mugshot photo from her arrest for aggravated assault struck Married to Medicine Sunday. A Quad Webb-Lunceford mugshot photo exists along with a police report and criminal record for an aggravated assault charge against “Quadriyyah Monique Webb” or simply “Quadriyyah Webb”. But there is far more to this Quadriyyah Webb mystery, LALATE can exclusively report.

Earlier in the season, Quad revealed her husband’s mugshot photo to Bravo viewers. So why didn’t Quad also reveal to viewers her own mugshot taken a day before Gregory’s, or did Bravo just cut it out of filming? LALATE can now exclusively reveal that the Quadriyyah Webb and Gregory Cicero Lunceford arrests appear to be possibly related. Both Quadriyyah Webb and Gregory Cicero Lunceford were arrested for the same charge, from the same police department, within twenty-four hours of each other, and both were released on the same day from custody after being held for upwards of three days in jail.

First, Quad’s criminal record reveals that she was arrested and charged by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department on February 24, 2011 for aggravated assault. Quad would stay in jail for three days. Second, the day after Quad’s arrest, on February 25, 2011, Gregory Cicero Lunceford was arrested also for aggravated assault. Gregory was given a second charge for obstruction an officer (felony). Quad’s criminal record shows that she was released on February 27, 2011. No detail about any possible bail is available currently. But also on February 27, Gregory was released on $5,000 bond for his two charges.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 1
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Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 4

For many fans of Married to Medicine, Quad Webb and Mariah Huq have been the breakout stars. But this season, Quad has strangely told news that her first name is too long or confusing to mention. Last night, Toya had no problem mentioning the full name to Kari Wells. And fans of the show got the name quickly when they heard Toya say “Quadriyyah Webb”. In fact, LALATE can report that several leading mugshot websites crashed last night as soon as Toya said “Quadriyyah Webb mugshot”. Quad didn’t use her complete first name anywhere in Bravo listings for the show this season. But a quick perusal online shows her business and even wedding registry at frequently lists her full name as “Quadriyyah Webb”.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 2
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 5
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 6
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 7
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 8

Nevertheless, Quad’s hilarious delivery this season has made her one of the most popular new Bravo personalities. But her mugshot photo prompted a clear divide among viewers. On her Facebook page, one critic wrote “you try to expose other people’s skeletons in their closet. That’s why you got yours.”

But fans still love Miss Quad despite others’ Shady Boots. “Mugshot or not you are still my favorite. Has not changed a thing.” And two other fans of Quad’s agreed. “Quad that pair of Shady Boots will get theirs in the end… Sister girl, your ‘mugshot’ is amazingly good. Guess what? What those ‘shade trees’ meant for evil, is going to turn out good for you, because you are giving life and admire by many people and after all let them catch fire.”

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 3
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 9
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 10
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 11
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 12

LALATE can also report that Quad was being thrown shade by Kari Wells yet again on Twitter last night as the mugshot was aired. Kari retweeted several negative comments directed at Mariah and Quad. Kari retweeted the message “Why should @KariWells_ invite Quad and Mariah to her husbands event? All these women so is act like ignorant drama queens #Marred2Med”. As to Mariah, Kari retweeted the message “well diagnosis or opinion, regardless–she needs therapy of some kind! No doubt about that”.

For now, Quad brushed off her detractors and thanked her fans. Avoiding the subject of the mugshot all together, Quad simply wrote last night “Quad Squad you guys are amazing. I just love you. Thanks for your love & support!”

UPDATE: LALATE can now report that Quad’s bail was arrested for “aggravated assault domestic violence”, her bail was set at ten thousand dollar, and she was released after three days in custody. Conviction on the crime of aggravated assault carry a 20 year prison term (Georgia Code 16-5-21). It remains unclear what happened to her case.


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