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Quadriyyah Webb Married to Medicine Had DV Arrest: EXCLUSIVE

Quadriyyah Webb Married to Medicine Quadriyyah Monique Webb Quad Webb-Lunceford mugshot arrest police crime

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Quadriyyah Webb before Married to Medicine was arrested on an “aggravated assault DV” charge and given a mugshot, LALATE can exclusively report. Quad Webb-Lunceford or simply “Quad Webb” was arrested and photographed for a mugshot as “Quadriyyah Monique Webb” or “Quadriyyah Webb” in 2011. But Quad was given a slightly different charge than as reported on Married to Medicine last night. In fact, there are far more details about the arrest, and about Quad’s husband, than have been released by Bravo this week.

On Married to Medicine Sunday, Toya claimed that “Quadriyyah Webb” was arrested on “aggravated assault”. But LALATE can report that Quad was arrested instead for “aggravated assault DV”. The “DV” purportedly stands for “domestic violence”. Quadriyyah Webb was taken into custody by Fulton County law enforcement only one year before filming of Married to Medicine, as well. Quadriyyah was arrested on February 24, 2011 and taken into custody that same day.

Quadriyyah Webb was charged under Statute 16-5-21. It remains unclear the disposition of her case. The Georgia statute provides than anyone convicted under this statue shall “be punished by imprisonment no less than one nor more than 20 years”.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 1
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It remains unclear the nature of Quadriyyah Webb’s police report. But she was charged under 16-5-21 which provides that “A person commits the offense of aggravated assault when he or she assaults: (1) With intent to murder, to r-pe, or to rob; (2) With a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury; or (3) A person or persons without legal justification by discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle toward a person or persons.”

Quadriyyah was held in custody for three days, LALATE can report. She was released on a ten thousand dollar bond on February 27, 2011.

Quad’s alleged DV victim has yet to be revealed. But LALATE can also report that her then boyfriend and now husband Dr Gregory Cicero Lunceford was arrested hours after Quad was taken into custody.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 2
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Dr Gregory Cicero Lunceford was arrested by Fulton County police on February 25, 2011 for “aggravated assault SPC”, under the same Georgia Code as Quad’s charge. Dr. Gregory was arrested also for “obstruction officer felony”. Dr Lunceford was released the same day along with his then girlfriend Quad; he was released, however, on only a five thousand dollars bond.

Last night on Bravo, Quad admitted that her wedding to Gregory was initially called off. It remains unclear if these February 2011 arrests were part of the reason for the wedding cancellation. When was the original wedding date and when was the second wedding date? A online Macys wedding registry for Quadriyyah Webb and Dr Gregory Cicero Lunceford lists the couple’s “event date” as July 28, 2012.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 3
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On Sunday, Quad accused Toya of bringing up the wedding cancellation even after the couple got married. Quad said that Gregory emailed Toya’s husband to tell him that the wedding was cancelled for some reason. Thereafter, Toya, according to Quad, allegedly showed that wedding cancellation email to others.

The peculiar twist about the mugshot is when and how there were filmed this season. Quad earlier in the season revealed on camera Dr. Gregory’s mugshot during a chat in the kitchen. So did she reveal only her his mugshot and not her own, or did also reveal her own mugshot, and Bravo cut the footage out? LALATE has previously reported exclusively that Quad’s asserts Bravo has cut out her footage during the season. Quad says that she confronted Toya about her wedding cancellation to Gregory during the Lemon Squeeze and that Bravo cut that footage out. For new developments and more, click HERE.

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