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Toya Married to Medicine Accused of Driving Drunk, Leaving Scene

Toya Married to Medicine Accused of Driving Drunk, Leaving Scene

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Toya Bush-Harris on Married to Medicine is accused by Quad of allegedly driving drinking, hitting someone, and leaving the scene in tonight’s finale episode preview. But Toya says it’s a lie. Quad Webb-Lunceford fumes at Toya on Married to Medicine tonight “I ain’t going around driving drunk and hit someone and left the scene.”

Toya Bush-Harris battles in tonight’s finale a Married to Medicine bombshell after a season of Mariah Huq secrets. But Toya calls this claim about her a vicious untruth. The allegation comes from Quad Webb-Lunceford during a meet up that was intended to be amiable. But it went in a whole different direction quickly.

This season, Toya was accused of telling other people that Mariah Huq’s daughter Lauren is not Aydin Huq’s biological daughter. Toya denied the same. Then a fight erupted, followed by a Lemon Squeeze. At the Squeeze, Toya claimed that Quad is Mariah Huq’s puppet.

Quad however proves much to the contrary tonight. Quad says she is no puppet, no science project, no pet hamster. Quad in third person says “She is Quad”. And she claims that she has the cards ready to show against Toya.

But there is another backdrop to tonight’s scene. Toya has been allegedly telling of other people that Quad’s now husband called off Quad’s marriage originally, an event not denied by Quad. Quad, LALATE can exclusively reveal, says that she is more angry about this with Toya that than anything else this season. In fact, Quad filmed it with Toya at the Lemon Squeeze but it was cut out by producers.

In the biggest bombshell for the season, Quad says to Toya “I ain’t going around driving drunk and hit someone and left the scene. Oh girl, you got to stop, you got to stop.”

Toya says it’s all a lie. “Oh wait, now you are making up sh–?” She adds “oh my god, you are taking an innocent situation and tuned it into some bull-s. That is a lie! Who told you that? Who told you that? Who’d you hear it from Quad.” For more about tonight’s details, click HERE.


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