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Dr Simone Whitmore Married to Medicine: Aydin Huq Battles Family Secret

Dr Simone Whitmore Married to Medicine: Aydin Huq Battles Family Secret

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Dr Simone Whitmore on Married to Medicine says her husband Cecil Whitmore and Mariah Huq’s husband Aydin Huq were able to handle the Married2Med family secret respectfully this season. Dr Simone tells news that she is proud how her and Mariah’s husband have confronted the Married to Medicine family secret, aka who is Mariah Huq’s daughter Lauren’s biological father.

In her latest news statement to, Dr Simone explained the aftermath of the Lemon Squeeze, not between the women but the men. Tonight in the season finale of Married to Medicine Mariah will tell Aydin Huq that Duncan Wells is being infiltrated by Miss Kari Wells. But Simone has good things to say about her and Mariah’s husband.

Dr Simone tell news “It was interesting to see the husbands discuss the family secret issue and the aftermath of the fight. As Cecil mentioned behind the bar, Aydin was hurt based on having to discuss the family secret before they decided the time was right. He mentioned the cliché of being able to forgive, but not forget.” She adds “This is always a tricky concept, because you don’t have to forget, but you have to truly forgive to release the anger and move forward with a person.”

She also indicates to news this week “This goes back to the acceptance of an apology gracefully, and I believe that Aydin said he has forgiven Eugene, so I assume that Aydin believes that Eugene’s apology was sincere. Only time will tell if they can move forward.”

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