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Mega Millions May 17 Winning Numbers Tonight Prompt Bigger Take

 Mega Millions May 17, 2013 Winning Numbers Prompt Bigger Take

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mega Millions May 17, 2013 winning numbers tonight prompted a bigger take. No one had picked the Mega Millions winning numbers for two months before tonight’s May 17, 2013 draw. As a result, the total payout jumped, officials tell news. Before the live telecast tonight (start time moments ago at 11 PM EST), reps indicated to news that Friday’s Mega Millions was worth in excess of one hundred ninety million dollars tonight. So what are the numbers? The winning numbers this evening are 11, 15, 35, 43, 49 MegaBall: 41.

Many news analysts are wondering if, based upon the latest run-up on Powerball, if Mega Millions will soon switch its operations from one dollar to two dollar tickets. In a news briefing this week, officials for Powerball said that two items are changing the face of the competition. First, Powerball is now being offered in more states. But second, and more importantly, the Powerball ticket is now two dollars not one dollar.

Powerball reps told news this week that, because of the bigger price per ticket, fans will see more Powerball records being broken far more often than in previous years. Previously, fans sometimes could watch upwards of a year before a record is broken. Now it is happening every few weeks.

Meantime, last March, Mega Millions broke its previous record of three hundred ninety million dollars. After no one picked the winning ticket at $356 million, the event rolled over and ballooned to a record $656 million.

So while Mega Millions might cost less, expect less records to be broke regularly. But for now, officials confirm that five numbers picked this week for Mega Millions were worth a decent two hundred fifty thousand dollars as well.

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