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Texas Tornado, Granbury 2013: Damage Strikes Hood County

Texas Tornado, Granbury 2013: Damage Strikes Hood County

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Texas tornado in Grandbury 2013 was part of a “nightmare” of tornadoes across Hood, Johnson and Elis counties last night May 15, 2013. Granbury and Cleburne were among the areas hardest hit. But are there more Texas tornadoes on the way?

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds and the National Weather Service tried to determine how many tornadoes might have erupted last night. But they believe currently that at least ten tornadoes hit Texas Wednesday night. At the beginning of the swarm Wednesday evening, LALATE was able to account for four. But officials tell news that the number of tornadoes from last night may still grow.

Deeds told news that that the Texas tornado outbreak has killed six, injured one hundred, and left even more homeless. Granbury was one of the spots hit worse. The Granbury tornado left six people died, seven missing. Deeds believed that one hundred persons are injured, twenty-thousand are without power.

“Some were found in houses. Some were found around houses,” Deeds said. “There was a report that two of these people that they found were not even near their homes. So we’re going to have to search the area out there.”

A Millsap, Texas tornado reportedly last night on LALATE also caused damage. But officials report to news that no injuries occurred there last night. “It’s definitely a nightmare,” Deeds told news. I’ve been assured by my deputies on the scene that they’re pretty confident with the six that they found”, he added. Two of the worse hit areas were the subdivisions of Rancho Brazos Estates and DeCordova Ranch.

UDPATE: NBC DFW is now reporting that six persons were killed in Hood County, seven remain missing, thirty-seven are injured, and one hundred ten homes were damage or destroyed. All six persons killed were adults. The news station is also reporting severe weather on its way this morning as well but no tornadoes for this morning. “Severe thunderstorm warning for Fannin and Grayson Co until 9am. Hail & winds over 60 mph possible in storm”. For continuing coverage, click HERE.

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