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American Idol Winner 2013 Predictions for Finale Heat Up

 American Idol Winner 2013 Predictions for Finale Heat Up

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who will become the American Idol 2013 winner, and what are predictions for the finale 2013 anticipating? American Idol results this week for the Top 2 left many fans baffled that Angie Miller was sent home, while others asserted that she deserved to be eliminated two weeks ago. But after the judges told Angie that she had the best first round this week, Miller did not come back as strong in her second and third round results. With Idol now down to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, American Idol predictions for the finale 2013 winner are heating up. And many predictions are putting Candice Glover as the frontrunner to win American Idol 2013.

American Idol results season to season generally have at least one shocker in the top ten results. This season, that came finally when Angie Miller was eliminated. After the lowest ranked singers have been sent home week to week, progressively, through the top ten, Miller delivered a shocker on Thursday. Angie had never been in the bottom ranking but was suddenly sent home.

But what really happened for Angie? Many contend that Miller was just not strong enough in her second and third round performances this week with Candice and Kree were nearly bringing some judges to tears. But what will happen when Candice and Kree face off in the finale next week?

The progression for Kree Harrison the last four weeks has been problematic. She was never in the bottom until April 18. In fact, in six weeks prior, Kree was in the top ranking three times. Since that struggle on April 18, Kree has bounces back, heading into the top two the last week of April. And the judges this week contended that she delivered some of her best performances of the season.

Candice Glover, however, while landing in the bottom ranking on April 25, has dramatically improved. While she too landed in the top 3 in March and again in April, the judges this week noted that she has been reaching new heights in her performances.

Many fans however think that Candice has really begun to outshine Kree in these final weeks and is the clear frontrunner to win. “Candice is the next American idol. She can sing anything and the voice is only one in the universe.” Another wrote “Angie has the most star power and Candice might be the best Singer”. Many contend that Candice’s music would sell well. “Candice sings with so much heart and soul and is the only one I would purchase music from. Her voice is moving to listen too.” Another noted “Candice has always been my #1! You go girl.” As one viewer wrote this week “Candice have an amazing voice and my prediction is she will win American Idol. I cannot wait until she puts out her first album I will be one of the first people to purchase it.”

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