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Chrissy Teigen Rumors: Denies John Legend Cheating

Chrissy Teigen Rumors: Disputes John Legend Cheating Story

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Chrissy Teigen rumors heated up the NY Post this week. But Chrissy Teigen battled back against the rumors by making a mockery of the publication that ran the story: the New York Post. Often a subject of disputed stories, the Post decided against retracting its Legend cheating allegations. Rather, it ran the story yet again today.

Chrissy Teigen was surprised by rumors published in the Post earlier this week. In it, the Post claimed that Legend shared the same “bathroom” as John Legend at a New York hotspot. The paper went on to claim that Legend allegedly romanced the blonde woman inside the woman’s restroom.

Teigen is not the first celebrity to take issue with the Post. But she dealt with it in her own unique fashion. She told news “Just read John cheated on me and in the uber-credible Post. I’m just heartbroken as it’s definitely not typical post bulls–t. “The @nypost is normally so kind to me. And I am normally not the one to use the term s–t rag so I guess we’re both a little off today.”

She added “Gonna buy a parrot for the sole reason of it s–tting on the post every day. Also the singing and companionship.”

Chrissy then joked that John Legend tried to kill her with his fried chicken. “@johnlegend my tummy hurts and I think it’s the chicken you made me last night are you trying to kill me so u can be with your bathroom GF?”
Her next target was Vanessa Bryant. She asked Legend for “one of those vanessa bryant rings.” He replied “soon!. It will be proportionately smaller to reflect how much richer Kobe is.”

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