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Kim Zolciak Tardy for the Party Was Never Finished, Details Blade: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: May 7th, 2013 in Blade, Kandi Factory, Kim Zolciak by LALATE

Kim Zolciak Tardy for the Party Was Never Finished, Details Blade: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party” was never finished, reveals the song’s co-creator, producer and composer/songwriter. Blade aka The Anomaly, in a stunning exclusive with LALATE, reveals to Real Housewives of Atlanta the ultimate secret today. “Tardy for the Party” is allegedly a skeleton, roughly unfinished track that was never intended to be released this way and that was rushed to market by certain “politics”. If Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party” has always sounded a bit peculiar to some music industry ears, there is a reason why, reveals the man who co-created the song. Blade says that certain “politics” were responsible for pushing out to RHOA fans an unfinished track.

Blade appeared in the second season of RHOA working with Kandi Burruss on “Tardy for the Party”. As one of the most accomplished new music producers on the scene today, Blade has countless top credits including Cherish feat. Young Joc – “Killa”, Nelly feat. Diddy “1000 Stacks”, Ciara “Ciara to the Stage” , and Yo Gotti “Make It Look Easy”. He currently wrote and produced ten songs for the current season of the “Kandi Factory”.

In discussing “Tardy”, Blade tells LALATE exclusively “I was the creative mind behind all the music for the song. I took Kandi’s rough draft idea that she sent via voicemail and created an entire track around it.” In a new YouTube video, Blade reveals that basically he took Kandi’s song recorded via a voicemail, and created an entire song around it.

But recently, Blade released a YouTube in which he reveals something that RHOA fans never knew. Tardy for the Party was never finished. He states in part “it is not a finished track. I never finished the track… it was supposed to be a .. skeleton. Once they recorded it, I thought I would be able to go back in and add around the song. But because of many things, politics, schedule, TV, once it was recorded, it was put out as is. I never intended it come out as it is.”

LALATE asked Blade today “Can you tell us more specifically why was the track not finished? And you state ‘politics’ was one reason, can you explain more? Did Kim want to push it out unfinished, but you and Kandi’s team were explaining it wasn’t ready?”

Blade tells LALATE today “Hmm. How do I say this? Sometimes you have people whose agenda is just to get something out there or be seen so they’re not as concerned with quality control or musical integrity. Then when you take all of that and add in the whole television aspect it just made it that much more complicated. I think some people just looked at the situation simply as something to do for TV.” Blade doesn’t mention names, but it is clear what he is suggesting.

He also tells LALATE “And that’s fine, because honestly so did I to a certain extent. The only difference is that I’m the kind of dude that wants to put 110% into anything with my name on it. So even though I looked at it as an opportunity to gain television exposure, I still wanted to put my best foot forward on my end because that’s just how I’m built. I just wasn’t given that opportunity in this case. There were so many people involved and in the middle of the process that things were just beyond my control.”

He further indicates  “To be honest, once I delivered on the music end, I was pretty much on the outside looking in on the situation. Being that other parties involved were more familiar with each other or had stronger relationships, my input on the matter was diminished. So most people didn’t even know the track was unfinished because nobody even bothered to get my feedback before the song was released. Unfortunately, this happens a lot to up and coming producers in the music industry and I think the quality of the song suffered a bit because of it. The song was okay for what it was I guess, but not near as good as it could have been if I had been more involved. I’m not just a beat maker. I’m a true producer who has a vision for an entire song as a whole. I believe anyone who has worked with me in the studio in my true capacity can attest to that. I love to go in the studio with no fear and try to push the creative boundaries and break the rules. That is where I shine.”

For now, he says the track will never be finished. “Do you think the song will ever get finished and why not?” Blade replies “Nah. It’s too far gone at this point. It wouldn’t really serve any purpose seeing as how everyone is familiar with the song as it is now. It’s been years since the song first came out.” He adds in part “The only reason I even released the ‘Making of..’ video is because of my involvement with the Kandi Factory show…. Since I was doing videos showing how I created the songs I did for the Kandi Factory, I felt like it was only right that I do one for Tardy for the Party”.

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