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PSG vs. Valenciennes 2013: Who Will Win French Ligue 1 Title?

 PSG vs. Valenciennes 2013: Who Will Win Ligue 1 Title en vivo live score results today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who will win the French Ligue 1 2013 title? PGS wants to become the Ligue 1 winner and is hoping it could achieve that as soon as possible. PSG vs. Valenciennes 2013 (en vivo live score results below) delivers a critical soccer match for PSG Sunday.

PSG vs. Valenciennes 2013 (start time 12 noon PST) follows a recent impressive run by PSG. The team has three wins, one loss and one draw in their last five matches. PSG is ranked first in the league but only by six points, officials tell news. Valenciennes however is ranked back in twelfth place. Valenciennes has only picked up one win in their last five games while giving up two losses and two draws.

Prior to Saturday, Paris St Germain centre-back Alex told his team’s news site the important of the Marseille vs. Bastia game. If Marseille had lost last night against Bastia, PSG could have a title win. But Marseille beat Bastia last night.

Alex had told his team’s news site `”Everyone will be watching Marseille’s result on Saturday obviously. But for us, it doesn’t really change anything because we still have to do our job on Sunday to be champions. Then there will still be three more matches so we are preparing the mind and the body for the four remaining matches.” He added “Every player is preparing for this game. Everyone is at 100 per cent. We know this Valenciennes side and we have to show them respect. But we are the home team and we need the three points.” For live score results today click HERE.

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