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Teacher 50 Shades of Grey Debate Strikes Philip Aidoo

Teacher 50 Shades of Grey Debate Strikes Philip Aidoo

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A teacher 50 Shades of Grey debate struck Philip Aidoo and parent Maya Ladson. At issue is not particularly the teacher’s buying of 50 Shades of Grey for his student. Rather it is the response by the parent.

Parent Maya Ladson tells news that her 14 year old son did ask his teacher for a copy of the book. Maya Ladson’s student was asked by professor Philip Aidoo what book he would like to read for an independent reading period. The question was asked of all students in the class as well.

But Ladson’s son asked to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Aidoo honored the request, bought the book with his own funds and gave it to Ladson’s son to read.

His mother was horrified. She called it an act of “negligence”. The school agreed. Eastern University Academy Charter School Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Turner said that the book should not have been purchased for hte student. Turner investigated the teacher.

So the school, Ms. Ladson and the teacher met together. NBC reports that a recommended action against the teacher was given. But Ladson didn’t like it.

The mother filed a grievance with the school’s board of trustees. They determined to suspend the teacher for one week without pay. And yet, Ladson didn’t like that either. She wants the teacher fired. The school board keeps on telling Ladson that the case is over. Ladson claims her son’s education has been “compromised”. The school is refusing to fire the teacher. And Ladson is still upset.

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