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Mayweather vs. Guerrero Winner: Floyd Mayweather Wins Boxing Fight Results Tonight

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LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won the Mayweather fight tonight, who is the winner of Mayweather vs. Guerrero? Floyd Mayweather won Mayweather vs. Guerrero boxing fight 2013 moments ago. Mayweather boxing results for May 5, 2013 ended with Floyd Mayweather winning, not just another bout, but also another financial boxing deal.

First in early Mayweather undercard results tonight, in the J’Leon Love vs. Gabriel Rosado fight, Love defeated Rosado by SD. Then in the Leo Santa Cruz vs. Alexander Munoz fight, Cruz won by TKO in the fifth round. In the Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Abner Mares fight, Mares won the fight by TKO in the ninth round. Mayweather finally beat Guerrero in a unanimous decision, going all twelve rounds.

Floyd Mayweather came into tonight’s fight as an improved fighter with an improved deal. After nine fights with HBO, he moved to Showtime for tonight’s fight. Floyd inked the deal only in February, a thirty month deal in which Floyd can produce up to six fights. Floyd was given a $32 million guarantee against Guerrero for tonight’s fight.

That same Mayweather guarantee was used the year before in HBO’s Mayweather vs. Cotto fight also on Cinco de Mayo 2012. Previously his guarantee had improved steadily. In 2010, Mayweather made news with a $22.5 million guarantee against Shane Mosley. Mayweather, understanding his draw among different demographics, has consistently booked his fights on Cinco De Mayo weekends. But while he earned a twenty-five million guarantee against Victor Ortiz, the big step up was in 2012.

A year ago tonight, Mayweather passed the guarantee record last set in 1997. Tyson earned a then record guarantee for thirty million dollars against Evander Holyfield in 1997, the fight in which Mike bit part of Holyfield’s ear off. And ironically, while Floyd’s guarantee stayed the same tonight, his opponent fee was only $3 million, far less than last year’s challenger Cotto at $8 million.

But there real big numbers tonight are “ninety-percent”. Floyd this time around will get ninety-percent of all profits on the fight. Mayweather has told news that PPV residuals are the biggest check, not guarantee. In 2011, Mayweather told fans that, when news reports indicate how much money he is paid for each fight, that amount is just his first check from PPV. Mayweather said that the amount cited is just for the first broadcast.

Mayweather told news that PPV continues to pay, for each fight, each month, for years to come as the fight is rebroadcasted worldwide. Mayweather claimed that the big money is the residuals on PPV that a fighter continues to earn for the rest of their life, not just the fight-night paycheck. “When I do PPV, I keep all the money. The checks come in for years.”

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