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Aydin Huq, Mariah Huq Divorce Remark Twirled by Dr Duncan Wells

Aydin Huq, Mariah Huq Divorce Remark Twirled by Dr Duncan Wells

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Aydin Huq will divorce Mariah Huq after the Married to Medicine fight, so claimed Dr Duncan Wells to wife Kari Wells this week on Bravo. But are Aydin and Mariah divorcing, and have the remarks by the Wells prompted a viewer backlash?

Dr Aydin Huq and Mariah Huq are not divorcing. Viewers however have responded negatively, for Dr Duncan and Miss Kari, in one breath, co-hosting a birthday party with Dr Aydin Huq and Mariah Huq, and in another breath claiming that Aydin will divorce Mariah.

Mariah says that Duncan is absurd. In a news statement on this week, Mariah remarked “A strong marriage is built upon a foundation of many things including God, love, trust, acceptance, and open communication.” She added “Despite Duncan’s absurd divorce predictions based on my lapse in judgment last week, the bond between Aydin and I will always remain in tact! ”

Kari Wells has not apologized to Mariah and Ayden about her and Duncan’s divorce remarks. Rather she wants an apology from Mariah. “I really, truly thought that I would get an apology from Mariah. But, nothing, nada, zilch. … So I had to laugh when I watched the conversation Mariah had with Aydin when she told him that ‘Kari sent me a PayPal bill for the damages.’ ” She adds “I am amazed how disingenuous Mariah can be: I never sent her a bill for my damages.”


  1. gee

    June 27, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Kari and dr Duncan should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, he for his disrespectful, unwarranted comment regarding the Huqs marriage and her for being a lying, fake, trouble maker just like her bff Toya- real class…NOT

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