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Evans City, PA Bus and Train Crash Today 2013: Victims Airlifted

Evans City, PA Bus and Train Crash Today 2013: Victims Airlifted

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – An Evans City, PA bus and train crash today 2013 has left at least ten persons injured. A crash erupted in Evans City, outside of Pittsburgh today between a rural transit bus and freight train. The vehicle is identified as a Butler Area Rural Transit bus for Lifesteps.

Officials repot that the bus was carrying persons to a facility that helps individuals with developmental disabilities. Local news is suspecting the bus may have hit the train shortly after 8:10 am local time today. Lifesteps’ website lists itself as a “services for children, families, adults with special needs and seniors are designed to encourage growth, independence, confidence and dignity,” the website said.

Ten people on the bus were taken to local area hospitals. Allegheny General Hospital officials tell news that they have received at least here individuals.

Reporter Jim Wilhelm indicates that “Paratransit bus appears to have been pushed from right (passenger) to left (drivers side) by impact with freight train. A little harder hit and BATA bus could’ve been knocked down over hill and possibly overturned into ravine. Appears fortunate weren’t immediate fatalities.” He earlier today news “Accident between Butler Area Transit Authority bus (small like airport parking lot/ car rental) and freight train could’ve been much worse. BATA paratransit bus was coming on Maple across bridge over ravine from Evans City borough public works property side when crash happened”.

UPDATE: Local news now reports that eight persons are in critical condition, and eleven total persons are injured.

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