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Fenerbahçe vs Benfica 2013 Battles in Soccer Semifinals Today

 Fenerbahçe vs Benfica 2013 Battles in Soccer Semifinals en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Fenerbahçe vs Benfica 2013 (en vivo live score results below) battles in a soccer showdown today. Thursday’s match is the first of two legs for the UEFA Europa League semifinals round between these squads. After heading to Istanbul today, they kick off again on May 2, officials tell news.

Fenerbahçe vs Benfica 2013 (start time 12:05 PM PST) follows recent troubles by the Super Lig squad. In their last five games, Fenerbahçe has only delivered two wins. But they have given up two draws and one loss, officials remind news. The top ranked Primera team Benfica, however, is coming off of three wins and one draw in their last five matches, officials remind news.

Fenerbahçe moreover hasn’t won a game in their last two matches. Benfica, however, hasn’t been defeated since at least April 4, reps remind news.

Benfica coach Jorge Jesus told his team’s news site today that both teams will show weaks and strengths this Thursday on field. “At this stage, in the semi-finals, there are no favorites. Both teams have strengths and weaknesses and I believe it will be a balanced tie.”

He said that his team is ready for today’s showdown. “Benfica have become accustomed to this kind of environment over the years. We are used to going to tough stadiums and I honestly don’t think it will be an advantage for Fenerbahce.” He added “Our greatest worry will be dealing with the movement of their front men and the quality of their players. It was the same with Newcastle, however, so that proves that we can overcome such difficulties.”

He also reassured news that this battle is a two-leg showdown. “We will stay true to our playing style, to our principles, and to our ideas. We believe that we can score on Thursday. We are prepared. This tie will not be decided by the first game.” For live score results today click HERE.

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