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American Idol 2013 Top 3 Results Tonight: No One Gets Elimination

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Results Tonight: No One Gets Elimination

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who was eliminated in American Idol 2013 Top 3 results tonight? American Idol Top 3 elimination results for April 25, 2013 followed a strong Wednesday night performance by Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, and Angie Miller. Many fans thought all four women were impressive. But some asserted that Kree didn’t deliver the type of performance that they had expected. Overall many viewers commented that they were happy with the Top 4 singers this season. But in the end, was a shocker elimination announced tonight?

American Idol 2013 results tonight followed previous seasons of Top 3 shockers. Despite whatever predictions say, there is generally a stunner announced at then end of the Top 4 week. If there was to be shocker this week, it would be Angie Miller and Candice Glover. Neither singer has been in the bottom during recent weeks of this telecast.

That has not been the case for Kree or Amber. Kree has been in the bottom once while Amber has visited that spot twice.

But as fans noted, Kree could be in jeopardy tonight. After landing in the bottom 2 last night, Kree didn’t rebound this week. Meantime, Amber was strong last night after falling into the bottom two earlier this month.

Hence, many contended that Kree seemed likely to be eliminated for tonight, and that Angie and Candice could be long shots. Two weeks ago, the judges told Candice that she should be in Top 3. When she sung “Don’t Make Me Over”, Keith Urban told news that Candice was incredible. He said “you became my top 3”. Nicki agreed and Mariah told news that it was “simplistic” and “beautiful.”

One viewer wrote of Angie “They are all extremely good, I do favor Angie. They are grooming and setting up Angie to win, even though I do agree she is the most talented. They did the same thing with Philip Phillips last year, you just wait and see.”

So who was eliminated tonight? Sent to the bottom two were Candice and Amber. And sent home was no one. The producers, not the judges, decided to send no one home.

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