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Kenner, Louisiana Tornado 2013: EF1 Today Prompts Widespread Damage

Kenner, Louisiana Tornado 2013: EF1 Today Prompts Widespread Damage

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Kenner, Louisiana tornado today 2013 has caused damage. An EF1 Kenner, Louisiana tornado tonight April 24, 2013 was followed by a second weaker tornado thereafter, officials tell news. Damage assessment is still underway.

In a news statement moments ago, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF1 touched down tonight. The National Weather service had dispatched personnel to the area earlier today. “NWS survey team headed to Kenner”, said the NWS New Orleans division six hours ago.

But three hours ago, officials confirmed the EF1 being spotted in Kenner. “EF1 tornado confirmed in Kenner.” Reps told news that the tornado generated “estimated winds near 90mph, 1/2 mile long, and 50 yards wide”.

Yet, within the hour, officials now report not one but two tornadoes in Kenner today. The second tornado covered a wider area, but generated smaller winds. The EF0 was detailed by NWS in a news statement shortly after 7:30 PM EST. “Survey team found 2nd tornado in Kenner, EF0 Wind 75 mph @ Veterans & Transcontental. 2 miles long & 75 yards wide”

Local news report that the EF1 struck homes into the 3800 to 4400 blocks of West Loyola. And WWLTV reports that the EFO tornado “stayed on the ground for about two miles after touching down near Meadowdale Drive.”.

Officials tell news that thirty-six thousand structures are currently without power. Local schools cancelled all after school programs today.

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