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American Idol 2013 Results Tonight Prompt Top 3 Predictions for Elimination

who got American Idol 2013 Results Tonight Prompt Top 3 Predictions, Elimination eliminated

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol 2013 results tonight gave Top 3 predictions and an anticipated elimination. Who could get eliminated in American Idol results on April 24, 2013? Tonight’s show is down to Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, and Angie Miller. But after Kree surprised news last week falling into the bottom two for the first time since the semifinals, could she also get eliminated tomorrow?

American Idol Top 3 elimination results have typically, for better or worse, been plagued by shockers. Over the last three seasons, the Top 4 and Top 3 shows have surprised news. Last week, that, however, didn’t happen. Many anticipated Janelle Arthur to be eliminated. But how about this week?

Angie and Candice have never been in the bottom since the semis. In fact both women have been in the top, twice, in recent week. So could the shocker this year come from an elimination of Angie or Candice?

And then there is Kree and Amber. Traditional Idol results send home contestants who keep on landing in the bottom. Both these women have been in the bottom at least once in the last two telecasts. So could Kree and Amber be most in jeopardy of elimination this week?

Tonight, Amber was first up with “The Power of Love” by Celine Dion. And while viewers were mixed about the performance, the judges loved it. Three of four judges stood up. Keith said the song choice was perfect. Nicki said that Amber is the “most current contestant” in the show. Randy said that Amber had improved the most. Mariah said she was impressed.

Candice chose “Find Your Love” by Drake. Nicki had mixed feels about the performance, and wondered if Candice should have focused more on the melody. Randy, however, thought the vocals were exceptional. Mariah agreed, saying that Candice had command of the song. Keith disagreed with Nicki but agreed to Mariah.

Next up with Kree with “It Hurt So Bad”. Randy didn’t give Kree good reviews. He told news that she was “disconnected”. Mariah disagreed and said the performance showed Kree’s versatility. Keith loved the song selection, and the vocals. But Keith thought, once again, that Kree lacked emotion. Nicki too was bothered with the performance and said it was not top 4 worthy.

Angie Miller chose “Who You Are” by Jessie J. And in the end, all the judges expect Mariah gave it a standing ovation. Keith said that Angie was tight at the beginning but eventually got into the song. Nicki thought it was spotless. Randy said it was a perfect “10” and the best performance of the night.

For now, if the judges’ remarks are any indication, Kree is dominating elimination predictions for Idol 3 results tomorrow night.


  1. Dips (RSA)

    April 28, 2013 at 9:03 am

    I love Candice, go Diva, powerful voice right there!

  2. teetee

    April 30, 2013 at 9:43 am

    i dont know why americans dont like Amber… She is the best idol of the season. besides Angie should get on the mike and not the piano cos its a singing competition and not American got talent. Angie and candice should be the one to live the show cos they are cheating on other contestants.
    Candice is a one time american idol contestant… she already have an idea of what the judges want and what might give her a lead over other contestant.. Angie is always on the Piano to get attention and out shine other contestants however American should Forget about sentiment and see beyond Amber…. She is a contestant in the show but Americans dont want give a dam about her talent.
    I looked throgh Amber and i saw Bravery. She is shy But brave and the only way to face it is to be bold. every body has its own way of reacting to lime lights and fame and Americans shold understand this, and stop punishing Amber by putting the best in the bottom two all the time its not fair.

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