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Leland Chapman: What Happened between Dog and Leland? EXCLUSIVE

Leland Chapman: What Happened between Dog and Leland? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Leland Chapman leave Dog the Bounty Hunter, what happened between Dog and Leland, and what was the disagreement between Dog and his sons? Leland B Chapman joins Dog and Beth, the new Dog the Bounty Hunter CMT show tonight. But the preview last weekend gave viewers far more questions than answers.

A disagreement between Dog and Leland headlined the preview last weekend. CMT for obvious reasons was unable to use footage from the A&E final season. A&E at the time clearly depicted what Leland and Dog were fighting about. But while the CMT show, produced by Dog and Beth, could have given more insight into the family feud, it chose not to.

Leland Chapman has fully embraced the new CMT show. But that was not his reaction to the A&E show during its final season. In the final A&E season, Duane Lee Chapman leaves the family business. He claims he is being underpaid and overworked by Beth. Beth claims that Duane Lee is being paid for work he is not doing. That feud pits Beth and Dog on one side, and Duane Lee on the other.

Leland is heard on camera fuming that he did not want to choose between his brother and his father. Ultimately he didn’t have to. Duane Lee quit the business and the A&E show, only to move to Florida.

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The CMT show picks up just as the tensions between Dog and his sons are still raw. At the time that, Leland was deeply critical about the A&E show. One viewer tweeted to Leland “I really want to see the truth why you left not all the rumors going around”, Leland responded “I’m sure it won’t be all the truth they will show what they want or what they are told to show”.

On CMT, viewers watch as Leland has distanced himself from Dog. Beyond the Duane Lee battle, not much between Dog and Leland is explained to viewers.

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But at the time, Beth and Leland were clear the family has been split. Beth Chapman told news then “Well considering we have not seen Leland in months I’d say that’s about right.” Dog was bothered about the A&E telecast looming. “I have thought for many weeks what I was going to say to my People ( you ) about Wednesday’s show” adding “I feel like the elephant man”.

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Dog at the time told viewers that you can’t argue with your kids. “You can’t argue with your kids as they get older. Because I made you. Everything I think ’bout you are going to have an answer for because I developed the thought.” But Dog accused Duane Lee of a bad attitude and said “you need to tell Beth you love her and be nice.”

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It remains unclear when Leland was added to join the current show. When it was first announced to news, Leland was not mentioned. Thereafter, he was confirmed to news. But many fans in spring 2012 vowed to Dog that they would not watch a new show without Leland. And one fan suggested a programming option: a spinoff with Leland and Duane Lee. “I really hope the boys start their own show. I haven’t watch Dog for a while.”


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