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Kordell Stewart Skips RHOA Reunion 2013 with Porsha Stewart – EXCLUSIVE

Kordell Stewart Skips RHOA Reunion 2013 with Porsha Stewart – EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kordell Stewart skips the RHOA Reunion 2013 leaving viewers wondering what happened to Kordell. Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson is not invited to the RHOA Reunion 2013. And while viewers are left to guess what happened between Kenya and ex boyfriend Walter, the other peculiar twist is the absence of Kordell Stewart. LALATE can report that Stewart didn’t skip the reunion because of a looming divorce. Rather he asserts it was due to scheduling conflicts. At least, that was his assertion at the time.

On March 10, Kordell was praising Porsha. He wrote “My wife @PorshaDStewart showed “LEADERSHIP” not giving into PEER PRESSURE. That is real #girlpower.” That same day, he posted a series of hashtags praising his then wife Porsha. But he shared a Drake lyric “Over thinking is what kills me.”

One day before the reunion, he wrote “How can people apply pressure on you to do or be something you’re not, while the same pressure is not applied to themselves, why is that?” He later retweeted a fan’s comment “anything to try and break up a happy home/marriage – misery loves company.” He continued to post glowing remarks about Porsha. At the same time, his divorce attorney would soon be drafting a divorce petition saying horrible things about Porsha.

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The evening of the reunion, news reports broke that Kordell didn’t show up. As viewers will see tonight, Porhsa is left in tears defending her husband and her marriage. Kordell later told news why he skipped the reunion. “Reunion I had other obligations booked wks prior to #RHOA submitting taping schedule & cannot participate. #Support @PorshaDStewart”.

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He later did the inexcusable act against producers, insulting their production ethics on RHOA. He retweeted the remark “I hope what @KSlash10 is saying is just taken out of context. @BravoTV is great at sneaky editing!”

So are Porhsa and Kordell still together? Kordell filed for divorce after the reunion was taped. Around the same time, he shared another Drake tweet “Sometimes ‘sorry’ is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.”


  1. Joanna

    April 21, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Anyone that gives up on their marriage 2 years in, is a jerk and is not worth the air to talk about. Punk a s Kordell. You don’t like the way he was portrayed give the hell off TV.

  2. Carmen

    April 21, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Good for you Porsha, speaking your truth on the RHOA Reunion 3. What a shame the other women are so cynical or hard that they couldn’t even accept the compliments you gave them when you spoke. Nene has to establish her self importance at every juncture. Narcissisism lives and breaths in Nene. She’ll be too old to pole dance when she is off the show. Walmart and McDonalds are always are always looking.

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