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Duane Lee Chapman Jr Fall Out, Leaves Dog the Bounty Hunter: EXCLUSIVE

Duane Lee Chapman Jr Fall Out, Leaves Dog the Bounty Hunter what happened leave new show

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Duane Lee Chapman Jr? A Duane Lee Chapman fall out struck Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E. Dog and his sons including Duane Lee Chapman fumed at the end of the last season of production on A&E. Duane Lee Chapman won’t be joining the new Dog the Bounty Hunter show, Dog and Beth, on CMT. But why isn’t Duane Lee on the new show?

First, why exactly is Duane Lee Chapman Jr not on the new show? Duane Lee has never spoken to news since his departure from the A&E show. During filming he deleted his social media presence. When the new show was revealed by CMT, the cast was initially announced as only Beth and Dog. Thereafter, Leland was confirmed joining the show. It remains unclear if Duane Lee doesn’t want to do the show, or if an offer was extended to him.

At the end of the final season on A&E, Duane Lee Chapman was exceptionally angry with Beth. He claimed on camera that he was being underpaid by Beth, overworked by Dog, and needed a new pay schedule. He then on camera quit the office. That tension prompted Dog to side with Beth more than Duane Lee. When Dog spoke to Duane Lee about the controversy, Dog offered to correct the trouble but continued to tell Duane Lee to apologize to Beth. Duane Lee never did.

Dog is heard telling Duane Lee that he believes his son hates him, Beth and hiss family. Duane Lee disputes the same. But Beth is heard shouting that the office cant “go broke” if she is paying Duane Lee and he is allegedly not working. Eventually, Duane Lee quit the office, moved to Florida, and ended filming with the family. He is reportedly not in the same line of business either.

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Second, does Duane Lee Chapman have a Twitter and Facebook account? Duane Lee does not have a Twitter and Facebook account currently. But in fall 2012, a controversy erupted over his social media presence. The controversy started at the time that Duane Lee was starting to leave A&E filming.

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In October 2012, on Facebook someone claiming to be him wrote “Yes, I deleted my Twitter page. I will keep this [Facebook] page”. But thereafter, Official Dog News reported that Duane Lee does not have a Facebook nor Twitter account. “Duane Lee does not have Twitter or Facebook. We confirmed it with him yesterday. Anyone claiming to be him is an impostor and is reported” .

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Third, what happened to Tim Youngblood? Tim wont be joining the new show either. And in fall 2012, Tim also battled a false Twitter account. Beth and Dog Chapman told news then that someone had set up a fake account for Tim Youngblood as well.

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Fourth, the new show will reportedly not detail the full extent of the fallout from the A&E season between Dog and Duane Lee. On April 14, the new CMT show debuted in preview. And that same evening, as the show aired, Dog wrote on Twitter “Duane Lee are you watching?” That message left fans guessing if Duane Lee could possibly join a second season, if Duane Lee wishes.

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Finally, viewers are not happy about Duane Lee’s absence from the show. They are equally upset that his absence is not being detailed extensively on the show. “What’s the score with Duane Lee & Lyssa?”, “No Duane Lee Jr?”, and “where is Duane lee Chapman?” have been a series of twitter messages to Beth this weekend, none of which have been answered by her. “Does Duane Lee have a twitter handle?” wrote another viewer. “Honestly I’m upset because Duane Lee won’t be on it, but ill try to watch… Will Tim and Duane Lee be back too? Love you guys” voiced other fans.


  1. sheri

    December 13, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    Beth is a joke.. No one can run in those heels and she can’t do crap with those nails. Its funny how she wears the girdle to hold everything in. A&E should do a show with Dianne Lee Lisa leland Tim and bobby brown and Mary. They should leave Beth and Dog out if the show. The way Beth talks and screams and people they arrest is the way she talks to everyone. All the kids should turn there back on beth and tell her to try and do the job without all them. Beth should be ashamed of how she treats Dogs kids. Dog should stand up for his kids.

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