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Tamerlan Tzarnaev Facebook Search for Wife in Boston Underway

Tamerlan Tzarnaev Wife in Boston Prompts Facebook Account Search

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Tamerlan Tzarnaev Facebook search, and
Dzhokhar Tzarnaev Facebook query, is underway to find Tamerlan’s mystery wife in Boston. Who is Tamerlan Tzarnaev’s wife, what is her name, and are there photos online? Tamerlan Tzarnaev allegedly has a mystery wife and child, his combative aunt told news this morning. A search is underway to locate the possible wife on Facebook or elsewhere across social media in aid in the capture of Dzhokhar. But is the aunt making her up and does the wife really exist?

Tamerlan Tzarnaev’s Facebook account has not been identified to news. Hours earlier today, LALATE reported that a Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Facebook like account is on a Russia social media site. And moments ago, LALATE reported that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter account of @J_tsar, which is still active, has been found as well.

The aunt tells Canadian media, Tsarnaeva, that she is furious that the she was not questioned by the FBI about her nephews. She claims that the brothers were set up. That same allegation was made by her brother, the boy’s father, today as well during a news conference in Russia.

Maret Tsarnaeva told news Friday “I’m suspicious that this was staged”. She added “We’re talking about three dead people, 100-something injured, and I do not believe, I just do not believe our boys would do that.”

So who is Tamerlan’s wife? She said “He has a wife in Boston and from a Christian family, so you can’t tie it to religion. At that age all they want is love, so he found his love, he married, he had a daughter, and he was very happy about his daughter.” She admitted that the 26 year told “seemingly did not find himself yet in America, because it’s not easy.”

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Her brother Ruslan Tsarni, the suspects’ uncle, confirms that they had trouble fitting into society. But he claims that they were not good people but “losers”. “He deserved his. He absolutely deserved his. They do not deserve to live on this earth.” Ruslan Tsarni said that his nephews were never well suited, that they did not fit in with society and that he is ashamed for his conduct.

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But the aunt praised the boy’s father. “Within the family, everything was perfect because Anzor is a very loving, soft-hearted father. I don’t know what will happen to him.” She claims that the brothers and their parents came to the U.S. via refugee status in 2002 and that she assisted them in getting that entry status.

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The aunt also told news that Tamerlan only began praying more in recent years. “But just recently, maybe two years ago, he started praying five times a day.” She would not identified the wife’s name. She additionally won’t indicate if she was American born or not.

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Tamerlan told the reporter, while he was studying at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, “There are no values anymore [ in the U.S.] …people can’t control themselves.”

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